Sport Climbing at Allenspur, Livingston MT

Allenspur is located in Paradise Valley, south of Livingston, MT.  This climbing area is adjacent to the Yellowstone River and offers many sport climbing routes predominantly ranging from 5.9 to 5.11.  To get to Allenspur, head east on Highway I-90 from Bozeman and exit into Livingston. Turn left onto US-89 S towards Gardner, MT. Head south 5 miles until reaching Carter's Bridge fishing access, cross the bridge and park in the parking lot on the left. Allenspur climbing access is very sensitive as it is accessed by crossing private land. Always make sure to follow the climber signs and be respectful of the property by picking up all trash and staying on trails. Allenspur is a wonderful climbing destination we want to continue to frequent! From the Parking lot, walk along the East River rd towards the rock features away from the Yellowstone River until reaching the climber access point. After using the stairs to cross the fence, follow the trail to the 7-11 crag and "Flake Fest 5.10b."

Allenspur is a popular climbing destination in the spring and fall as its temperate climate make cold weather climbing good. Summer months can become extremely hot here. Allenspur offers 4 limestone crags: "Main Crag," "Boundary Crag," "7-11 Crag," and "Obscurity Crag." Consistent with Paradise Valley, you can expect lots of wind, but if you find yourself at Allenspur with calm weather, you are fortunate for a great day of climbing! Allenspur has many routes and is often far less frequented than areas such as Bear Canyon. It is most definitely worth the trek from Bozeman and can be reached in roughly 30 minutes. 

Classics include:

Point Break 10a (Main Crag) two pitches

Boat Belay 10b (Boundary Crag) scramble the ledge from the left and anchor belayer to first bolt

Amazing Grace and Chuck 10c (Boundary Crag)

Dam in the Rain 10a (7-11 Crag)

Rancho Deluxe 11b (7-11 Crag) 

Flake Fest 10b (7-11 Crag) very popular

Wind Ranger 11a (Obscurity Crag)

The Rock Whisperer 11a (Obscurity Crag) 

View from the road.

View from the road.