The Amphitheater Corner Climbs WI3-4 Hyalite Canyon, Mummy Cooler Area

Location: Mummy Cooler Area, Main Fork, Hyalite Canyon

Route: 10 to 15 meters, WI3-4

The Amphitheater Corner Climbs are a great beginner or warm up destination for area ice climbers. Beginning at the Grotto Falls parking lot, stay on the main trail for about 20 minutes of hiking. You will come into a wide opening where the ice flows will be obviously apparent and up to your left on a cliff band. Follow the climber trail to the climbs. The Amphitheater Corner Climbs are a very popular destination - you can expect to find other parties here climbing. 

Fat Chance WI3 is the left hand climb and easier of the two. Fat Chance is often a first lead for many climbers and usually forms very thick. There is a tree anchor above the climb. Thin Chance WI4 is a short and fun climb often climbed with Fat Chance. Thin Chance is a great intro climb for those interested in gradually climbing WI4. You can climb Fat Chance and then set a top rope on Thin Chance if you do not want to lead Thin Chance. To the left of Thin Chance is a fun mixed climb in the M5 range. The Amphitheater is a must for all climbers in Hyalite Canyon. Climb the Corner Climbs and then head up to Mummy 2 and Scepter for bigger harder climbing or continue up the Grotto Falls trail to Switchback falls a short walk from the Corner Climbs.