Elevator Shaft WI 3+ Hyalite Canyon, Unnamed Wall

Location: Unnamed Wall, Main Fork - Hyalite Canyon

Route: 35 meters, WI 3+

The Unnamed Wall is awesome and only a short distance further than the popular Genesis Area. From the Grotto Falls parking lot continue up the trail until the first small meadow. There is usually a climbers trail here. Head right crossing the creek and up the mountain side. From here, Bingo World Cave will come into sight. To get to Elevator Shaft head left (up the canyon) along the wall past Thrill IS Gone, The Fat One and a large rock ban. You will dip into a small timber amphitheater and emerge in front of the Elevator Shaft.  

The Elevator Shaft

The Elevator Shaft

This route begins with steep ice for the first 15 meters and then tops out onto easy WI3. This is a great climb to bridge the gap between WI3 and transition into leading WI4. It is also very secluded and private with great views across the canyon. Check out the video below documenting our team climbing the Elevator Shaft.